February Buddy Bulletin!

SEE BULLETIN HERE: Buddy Bulletin FEB 16


Thank you to those who attended and participated in our first buddy meeting of the semester! You will find pictures in the attached Buddy Bulletin below.

Please mark your calendars on April 16th from 12:00 – 12:45 for our end-of-year Buddy Recital. Each buddy pair will perform a piece of their choosing on the program. If you need help brainstorming or organizing a piece for the program, please let me know!

Be on the lookout for upcoming Enrichment Events!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


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String Project Weekly Email 2.28.15

Dear String Project family,

Attached you will find this Saturday’s schedule. I have also attached a revised and current version of our Promotional Guidelines. Please be sure to use the most current edition of our Promotional Guidelines if your child is preparing for a promotional jury! We are always improving our guidelines to serve the needs of the program and the ensembles/orchestras within it.

Every spring semester we look for opportunities for our orchestras to venture outside of the Butler School of Music and perform in venues other than concert or recital halls. In the past, the Elementary Orchestra has performed at the Capitol Rotunda, and the Advanced Orchestra has performed at the Bob Bullock Museum. These “run-out” concerts are a great experience for the kids, and are well received by the audience. (They ask us to come back every year after all!)

Starting this semester, I am excited to announce that the Intermediate Orchestra has been invited to perform at The Thinkery! As this is a recent development, it isn’t on the SP Calendar, but they will be playing there on April 18th, the same day that the Advanced Orchestra will play at the Bob Bullock Museum.

These run-out concerts are very important to the world of music in general, not only because they give our students more performance opportunities, but also because they are a form of outreach. Through outreach, we are able to spread the love for music making to the general public, whose lives music may not play such an important role. If we take the initiative to expose the world around us to the beauty of music, they may think to come to a concert hall and witness the artistic craft that all musicians invest so much time to hone and develop, and even consider investing more of their own time in similar endeavors.

That’s all I have to say for this week- I am looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!


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Winter Concert, November 6

Dear String Project family,

This weekend is the winter concert!

Attached you will find the Saturday schedule. All orchestra students, please arrive by 8:45 for rehearsal. Make sure to check the posted schedules to see what room your child needs to go to for tuning and stowing cases. At 9:30, the Orchestras Concert will begin with all ECE families performing an overture. All ensemble students and families are welcome and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to come see the Orchestras Concert. It is both inspiring and motivating to watch your peers perform at a high level, and an important part of musical growth involves listening to live performances!

ALL students (except for ECE and Stepping Stones) will report to their assigned rooms by 10:30 after the orchestras concert is over for unpacking, tuning, and a short rehearsal. The Ensemble Concert will begin promptly at 11:00 with Stepping Stones families performing another overture.
Concert Attire:
Orchestras–black and white
Ensembles–dress for a special occasion
We look forward in sharing a special day with you on Saturday for the UT String Project Winter Concert!


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Saturday, November 22

Dear String Project family,

This Saturday is the last Saturday that String Project will be meeting before the Winter Concert on December 6th! (note that String Project is on break on November 29) There will be a lot going on- luckily, there is no football game so traffic and parking should be relatively painless. Here’s what you will find in this week’s email:

1) Saturday schedule
2) Dress rehearsal info
3) Thanksgiving week
4) Deadlines – November 23
a) Honors recital
b) Cover contest
c) Jury signups
d) Contributions for Ms. Lani

1) I have attached the Saturday schedule. As always, please double check the posted schedules which room you should report to on Saturday morning for any last minute changes!

2) This Saturday, all groups (except for EO, IO, AO, and CO) will be taking about 10 minutes from their class time to report to Bates Recital Hall and run their Winter Concert piece with piano accompaniment. However, all classes should first meet at their assigned classrooms according to the Saturday schedule at the beginning of the hour unless otherwise notified by your teacher. When it is almost time for your class to rehearse in Bates Recital Hall, your teacher will lead your class to go through the top of Bates in order to practice walking on stage and performing their piece. After the rehearsal, students will return to their assigned rooms to resume class. See the schedule below:

    9:00 HOUR

9:05- Stepping Stones
9:10- Jr. Cadets (Violin, Viola, and Cello)
9:15- EO Cellos
9:20- IO Cellos
9:25- AO/CO Cellos/viola [unaccompanied]
9:30- EO violins
9:35- IO violins
9:40- AO violins
9:45- CO violins

    10:00 HOUR

10:05- BVlaE
10:10- BVEB
10:15- BVEA
10:20- BCEB
10:25- BCEA
10:30- BBEA & Bass Cadets
10:35- PEA & PEB

    11:00 HOUR

11:05- Sr. Cadet Cellos
11:10- Sr. Cadet Violins
11:20- Returning Parent Orchestra
11:35- Parent Guitar Ensemble

3) For Thanksgiving week, there will be no lessons starting on Wednesday, November 26. This means that the last day for lessons is on Tuesday, November 25, as there will be no lessons during the week of juries (December 1-4). In addition, String Project will be on break for Saturday, November 29.

4) There are many things due this Saturday! I have attached the information about a) the Honors Recital and b) the Cover Contest to this email for your convenience. In addition, this will be the last chance to sign up for a jury if you still need to do so. It will also be the last chance to make any contributions to Ms. Lani should you choose to do so- the box to accept donations will be available at the main table.

That’s all for this week. Let’s all put in our best efforts to close out this semester with a bang! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


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Saturday, November 8

Dear String Project Family,

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far! We are nearing the end of the semester; including this Saturday (for which I have attached the schedule), there are only three more days of class, and then the winter concert is upon us! As the winter concert is so close, please be sure that your kids are practicing their music, especially for those in the more advanced ensembles. The concert will only be as successful as the work that the kids put in, and we are all working hard towards putting on the best performance possible!

For the winter concert, we are holding a Cover Contest: String Project is accepting submissions of original drawings to be placed on the cover of the programs for the winter concert. All current String Project students are eligible to enter, and there is no limit to how many drawings a student can submit! Please adhere to the guidelines in the attached document; there will be copies of this document at the main table. The deadline for submissions will be Saturday, November 22nd.

A quick reminder about Honors Recital auditions (also due on Saturday, November 22nd) and juries- please see last week’s e-mail for more details. The jury board will be up in the lobby again this Saturday morning.

Lastly, this Saturday we have a home football game with a kickoff as early as 2:30pm. Parking and traffic will be more difficult than usual, so please leave home early to allow for a substantial delay in your commute. Remember that on home game days, you cannot park on campus even if you have an N/N+ parking permit.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week!


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Saturday, November 1


Dear String Project Family,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Eclectic Styles Festival last Saturday! I definitely did and think that the kids sounded fantastic during the concert. But now that that’s all over, we turn our attention to several things that will close out this semester:

1. Dress rehearsal for winter concert—11/22
2. Honors Recital video recordings deadline— 11/22
3. Jury sign ups posted this Saturday
4. UT Football AWAY Game

1. We only have a few weeks left in the semester! Saturday, November 22nd is our dress rehearsal for the winter concert happening on December 6th; the Saturday in between there is no class because of Thanksgiving break. Make sure that your children are practicing their orchestra and ensemble music which they will be performing for the concert!

2. The deadline for this recording is Saturday, November 22nd! ALL students are eligible to apply. If your student(s) are interested in making a recording, please consult with your private teacher. If you need additional information, you can find the Honor’s Recital application in the folder you received at Convocation. If you cannot locate this, I’ve attached a copy of the application to this e-mail for your convenience.

3. The jury sign up board will be posted near the main table this Saturday. Please see below about who is required to take juries this semester. Fall Juries will take place Monday-Thursday, December 1-4. Make sure you and your teacher are square on what your child will play and, if your child is planning to promote, that you have prepared all the requirements, including sight-reading and all the scales. Few things are as disappointing as a jury that basically sounds good, but the student is clearly lacking one or two of the requirements. Make sure you check the promotional guidelines which can be found on the on the website. Also for those of you planning to promote (especially Saturday-only students), be sure we have a copy of your teacher’s permission.

Who is required to take fall juries?

All full-time students, excluding Cadets, Stepping Stones, and Early Childhood students
Anyone wishing to promote

Who does not need to play a fall jury?

Saturday-only students who do not wish to promote
Early childhood & Stepping Stones classes
Parent ensembles

4. Lastly, UT Football is an away game this Saturday, so parking and traffic should be manageable. Again, N/N+ permits should allow you to park on campus, but be sure to observe the parking signs to ensure you are parked legally.

See you Saturday!


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Eclectic Styles Festival! October 25, 2014

Dear String Project Family,

This weekend we have our Eclectic Styles Festival! For those families who are new to the program, this is a day where the students get to learn and participate in playing different styles of music. This year, the theme is Music from Scotland, and we have a great day planned with not just rehearsing, but also games, activities, and snacks! It will be a great day where everyone can learn a thing or two about Scottish culture. I have attached an info packet put together for you by our Eclectic Styles coordinators to help get a feel for what is in store for this Saturday. Students have been doing awesome work in their group classes to prepare for the big concert at 11:15am which will be in Bates Recital Hall.

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD ARRIVE TO THEIR HOME ROOM BY 8:45AM. I have attached the schedule for this weekend, but please make sure to stop by one of the posted schedules in the morning check for any last minute changes. Take note that classes will NOT change on the hour like regular Saturdays; each activity will be in 30 minute blocks, with 5 minutes to get from class to class.

Eclectic Styles t-shirts will be distributed at your home room to wear for the concert at 11:15, so it is very important that you arrive on time! There is no home game this week for UT football, so traffic and parking should be OK. In addition, those with N/N+ permits will be able to park on campus. For the concert attire, jeans will be acceptable. If you have kilts that your child would like to wear in light of our Scottish theme, that would be great too!

Because this Saturday is such a special day with all sorts of new things happening, please do no hesitate to offer a helping hand when it might be needed throughout the day, whether it be helping teachers watch over the many students, facilitating t-shirt distribution, or aiding with moving these bigger groups from place to place. It will be an exciting, event-filled day!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Saturday, October 4

Dear String Project Family,

Saturday is not only another exciting day of String Project, but also an exciting day for Longhorn fans- there is a home game taking place this Saturday with a 2:30pm kickoff, which means that traffic and parking is going to be bad. Please note that even if you have purchased an N or N+ parking permit, you will NOT be able to park on campus because of the game.

There has been a fair amount of tardiness in the past few weeks, especially in the 9:00 and 10:00 hours. Please keep in mind that in order to maximize instructional time, students must be unpacked and ready to begin class right on the hour. Try to arrive at least five minutes early to the classroom so that your child can get unpacked and ready to go. Because of the game this weekend, I would suggest leaving home much earlier than usual!

The Saturday schedule has been attached. As with last week, still be sure to check for any last minute changes on Saturday morning when you arrive.

That’s all for today; I hope everyone has a wonder rest of the week. See you on Saturday!


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Saturday, September 27

Dear String Project Family,

This week the football game is an away game, so if you have purchased an N/N+ permit you should be able to park on campus. Remember to pay attention to the parking signs on campus to be 100% sure you are legally parked.

Attached is the Saturday schedule. A couple changes are going into effect starting this week: Pre-Ensemble A (PEA) and Pre-Ensemble B (PEB) are going to merge back together. Beginning Guitar Ensembles (BGEA, BGEB, BGEC) will be grouped differently from before as well. BGEA and BGEB will be together, and BGEC will be separate.

That’s all for this week. See everyone on Saturday!

Matthew Chan

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Saturday, September 20

Dear String Project Family,

This week there is no football game, so if you have purchased an N/N+ permit you should be able to park on campus. Remember to pay attention to the parking signs on campus to be 100% sure you are legally parked.

It is very likely that your student’s classes are meeting in different locations from last week. A Saturday Schedule is attached, but do check the schedule posted on the walls when you arrive Saturday to confirm that there haven’t been last minute changes.

That’s all for this week. As always, do not hesitate to e-mail the office if you have any questions or concerns!


Matthew Chan

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