Masterclasses with Dr. Laurie Scott and Dr. Shu-Yi Scott

Dr. Laurie Scott and Dr. Shu-Yi Scott (parent and cellist) will be starting practice masterclasses this Saturday as an initiative to help parents and students plan and implement positive and effective home practice sessions.

On designated Saturday mornings during the 11:00 hour, Dr. Scott will be coaching individual students and their parents through a home practice routine. Students and parents will go through typical routines used at home and will be coached on ways to improve habit strength, communication, skill development and mastery.

The masterclasses will be open to observation as a way to help all of the parents and students in the program understand more deeply the process of teaching and learning. Students and parents will have an opportunity to sign up for a practice masterclass via email. Requests will be handled on a first come first served basis, or in the order I receive your email.