February 15th, 2014

1. Saturday schedule-see attached 
2. Practice masterclasses with Dr. Laurie Scott and Dr. Shu-Yi Scott start this Saturday 
3. Concerto Festival recordings due February 22
4. Revised spring calendar—see attached 
1. Attached you will find the schedule for this weekend.  Thank you for being so flexible and understanding with the room situation on Saturday mornings. We try very hard to schedule the rooms with the BSoM scheduling office far in advance, but it is out of our hands when get to the building in the morning and the monitor does not have keys or we have been double booked with other events happening at the music school.  Please understand that your child will not always been in the same room as the previous Saturday.  And as always, please check the posted schedules on the walls on Saturday mornings for any last minute/unforeseen changes.  Thank you for your patience.
2. I failed to mention that Dr. Shu-Yi Scott, SP parent and teacher, will be holding practice masterclasses this semester along with Dr. Laurie Scott. Again, these classes  are to help parents and students plan and implement positive and effective home practice sessions.  The masterclasses will happen during the 11 o’clock hour.  We have already had a lot of interest to participate via email.  Look out for an email from the office regarding the Saturday we will schedule you and you children this spring. The masterclasses will be open to observation as a way to help all of the parents and students in the program understand more deeply the process of teaching and learning. Make sure to check the schedule during the 11 o’clock hour for location.  
3. Students performing advanced literature are invited to submit a video recording of their performance for consideration for the concert.  Selected students will perform their concerto accompanied by the String Project. This audition is limited to students in Advanced Orchestra or Chamber Orchestra.  To enter, please submit a DVD or computerized video of the student performing the selected repertoire memorized with piano accompaniment.  Video auditions tapes are due by noon on Saturday, February 22nd.  The concerto festival will be Saturday, March 29th. 
4. Attached you will find a revised version of the spring calendar.  There have been minimal changes, mostly pertaining to the month of April.  This version of the calendar has not yet been updated on the website, but we hope to get this up soon.  
That’s all I have for now.  See you Saturday!