Saturday, October 4

Dear String Project Family,

Saturday is not only another exciting day of String Project, but also an exciting day for Longhorn fans- there is a home game taking place this Saturday with a 2:30pm kickoff, which means that traffic and parking is going to be bad. Please note that even if you have purchased an N or N+ parking permit, you will NOT be able to park on campus because of the game.

There has been a fair amount of tardiness in the past few weeks, especially in the 9:00 and 10:00 hours. Please keep in mind that in order to maximize instructional time, students must be unpacked and ready to begin class right on the hour. Try to arrive at least five minutes early to the classroom so that your child can get unpacked and ready to go. Because of the game this weekend, I would suggest leaving home much earlier than usual!

The Saturday schedule has been attached. As with last week, still be sure to check for any last minute changes on Saturday morning when you arrive.

That’s all for today; I hope everyone has a wonder rest of the week. See you on Saturday!