Eclectic Styles Festival! October 25, 2014

Dear String Project Family,

This weekend we have our Eclectic Styles Festival! For those families who are new to the program, this is a day where the students get to learn and participate in playing different styles of music. This year, the theme is Music from Scotland, and we have a great day planned with not just rehearsing, but also games, activities, and snacks! It will be a great day where everyone can learn a thing or two about Scottish culture. I have attached an info packet put together for you by our Eclectic Styles coordinators to help get a feel for what is in store for this Saturday. Students have been doing awesome work in their group classes to prepare for the big concert at 11:15am which will be in Bates Recital Hall.

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD ARRIVE TO THEIR HOME ROOM BY 8:45AM. I have attached the schedule for this weekend, but please make sure to stop by one of the posted schedules in the morning check for any last minute changes. Take note that classes will NOT change on the hour like regular Saturdays; each activity will be in 30 minute blocks, with 5 minutes to get from class to class.

Eclectic Styles t-shirts will be distributed at your home room to wear for the concert at 11:15, so it is very important that you arrive on time! There is no home game this week for UT football, so traffic and parking should be OK. In addition, those with N/N+ permits will be able to park on campus. For the concert attire, jeans will be acceptable. If you have kilts that your child would like to wear in light of our Scottish theme, that would be great too!

Because this Saturday is such a special day with all sorts of new things happening, please do no hesitate to offer a helping hand when it might be needed throughout the day, whether it be helping teachers watch over the many students, facilitating t-shirt distribution, or aiding with moving these bigger groups from place to place. It will be an exciting, event-filled day!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Please let me know if you have any questions.