Saturday, November 1


Dear String Project Family,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Eclectic Styles Festival last Saturday! I definitely did and think that the kids sounded fantastic during the concert. But now that that’s all over, we turn our attention to several things that will close out this semester:

1. Dress rehearsal for winter concert—11/22
2. Honors Recital video recordings deadline— 11/22
3. Jury sign ups posted this Saturday
4. UT Football AWAY Game

1. We only have a few weeks left in the semester! Saturday, November 22nd is our dress rehearsal for the winter concert happening on December 6th; the Saturday in between there is no class because of Thanksgiving break. Make sure that your children are practicing their orchestra and ensemble music which they will be performing for the concert!

2. The deadline for this recording is Saturday, November 22nd! ALL students are eligible to apply. If your student(s) are interested in making a recording, please consult with your private teacher. If you need additional information, you can find the Honor’s Recital application in the folder you received at Convocation. If you cannot locate this, I’ve attached a copy of the application to this e-mail for your convenience.

3. The jury sign up board will be posted near the main table this Saturday. Please see below about who is required to take juries this semester. Fall Juries will take place Monday-Thursday, December 1-4. Make sure you and your teacher are square on what your child will play and, if your child is planning to promote, that you have prepared all the requirements, including sight-reading and all the scales. Few things are as disappointing as a jury that basically sounds good, but the student is clearly lacking one or two of the requirements. Make sure you check the promotional guidelines which can be found on the on the website. Also for those of you planning to promote (especially Saturday-only students), be sure we have a copy of your teacher’s permission.

Who is required to take fall juries?

All full-time students, excluding Cadets, Stepping Stones, and Early Childhood students
Anyone wishing to promote

Who does not need to play a fall jury?

Saturday-only students who do not wish to promote
Early childhood & Stepping Stones classes
Parent ensembles

4. Lastly, UT Football is an away game this Saturday, so parking and traffic should be manageable. Again, N/N+ permits should allow you to park on campus, but be sure to observe the parking signs to ensure you are parked legally.

See you Saturday!