Saturday, November 22

Dear String Project family,

This Saturday is the last Saturday that String Project will be meeting before the Winter Concert on December 6th! (note that String Project is on break on November 29) There will be a lot going on- luckily, there is no football game so traffic and parking should be relatively painless. Here’s what you will find in this week’s email:

1) Saturday schedule
2) Dress rehearsal info
3) Thanksgiving week
4) Deadlines – November 23
a) Honors recital
b) Cover contest
c) Jury signups
d) Contributions for Ms. Lani

1) I have attached the Saturday schedule. As always, please double check the posted schedules which room you should report to on Saturday morning for any last minute changes!

2) This Saturday, all groups (except for EO, IO, AO, and CO) will be taking about 10 minutes from their class time to report to Bates Recital Hall and run their Winter Concert piece with piano accompaniment. However, all classes should first meet at their assigned classrooms according to the Saturday schedule at the beginning of the hour unless otherwise notified by your teacher. When it is almost time for your class to rehearse in Bates Recital Hall, your teacher will lead your class to go through the top of Bates in order to practice walking on stage and performing their piece. After the rehearsal, students will return to their assigned rooms to resume class. See the schedule below:

    9:00 HOUR

9:05- Stepping Stones
9:10- Jr. Cadets (Violin, Viola, and Cello)
9:15- EO Cellos
9:20- IO Cellos
9:25- AO/CO Cellos/viola [unaccompanied]
9:30- EO violins
9:35- IO violins
9:40- AO violins
9:45- CO violins

    10:00 HOUR

10:05- BVlaE
10:10- BVEB
10:15- BVEA
10:20- BCEB
10:25- BCEA
10:30- BBEA & Bass Cadets
10:35- PEA & PEB

    11:00 HOUR

11:05- Sr. Cadet Cellos
11:10- Sr. Cadet Violins
11:20- Returning Parent Orchestra
11:35- Parent Guitar Ensemble

3) For Thanksgiving week, there will be no lessons starting on Wednesday, November 26. This means that the last day for lessons is on Tuesday, November 25, as there will be no lessons during the week of juries (December 1-4). In addition, String Project will be on break for Saturday, November 29.

4) There are many things due this Saturday! I have attached the information about a) the Honors Recital and b) the Cover Contest to this email for your convenience. In addition, this will be the last chance to sign up for a jury if you still need to do so. It will also be the last chance to make any contributions to Ms. Lani should you choose to do so- the box to accept donations will be available at the main table.

That’s all for this week. Let’s all put in our best efforts to close out this semester with a bang! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.