String Project Weekly Email 2.28.15

Dear String Project family,

Attached you will find this Saturday’s schedule. I have also attached a revised and current version of our Promotional Guidelines. Please be sure to use the most current edition of our Promotional Guidelines if your child is preparing for a promotional jury! We are always improving our guidelines to serve the needs of the program and the ensembles/orchestras within it.

Every spring semester we look for opportunities for our orchestras to venture outside of the Butler School of Music and perform in venues other than concert or recital halls. In the past, the Elementary Orchestra has performed at the Capitol Rotunda, and the Advanced Orchestra has performed at the Bob Bullock Museum. These “run-out” concerts are a great experience for the kids, and are well received by the audience. (They ask us to come back every year after all!)

Starting this semester, I am excited to announce that the Intermediate Orchestra has been invited to perform at The Thinkery! As this is a recent development, it isn’t on the SP Calendar, but they will be playing there on April 18th, the same day that the Advanced Orchestra will play at the Bob Bullock Museum.

These run-out concerts are very important to the world of music in general, not only because they give our students more performance opportunities, but also because they are a form of outreach. Through outreach, we are able to spread the love for music making to the general public, whose lives music may not play such an important role. If we take the initiative to expose the world around us to the beauty of music, they may think to come to a concert hall and witness the artistic craft that all musicians invest so much time to hone and develop, and even consider investing more of their own time in similar endeavors.

That’s all I have to say for this week- I am looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!