Spring 2017 Final Concert

Dear String Project family,

With the year of String Project coming to a close, there are quite a few things going on! I’ve organized this e-mail accordingly:

1) Juries
Jury results and copies of jury sheets with teacher comments will go out in the middle of May. I and the other teachers thoroughly enjoyed hearing the students play! If for some reason you missed or were not able to signup for a jury and need to schedule a make-up jury in August, please let me know.

2) Concert Attire for this Saturday
Students should dress for a special occasion. If performing in an orchestra, students should wear a white top and black bottom.

3) Spring concert schedule/information on April 29th
I have attached the schedule for this Saturday. It is quite a bit different from most weeks, so please continue reading so you know exactly where your children need to be and when they need to be there.

At 8:20, all Orchestra students and Guitar students should arrive for tuning and warm-up in their assigned rooms.
At 8:45ECE students (both 9:00 and 11:00) should report to Bates Recital Hall in your designated section in the audience. If you have strollers etc. that you wish to store somewhere, 2.604 will be available for that. However, the room will not be supervised or locked, so please keep valuables with you.
At 9:00, the Orchestra Concert begins. Teachers will have ushered orchestra/guitar students to the hall by this time. We heavily encourage all students in Cadets, Pre-ensembles, and Beginning Ensembles to make it to this concert to see their upper level peers perform. It not only contributes to the family spirit of String Project, but also serves as a motivating look into the future so students get an idea of what to look forward to when advancing to the orchestra level.
At 10:00, the Orchestra Concert will have ended. ORCHESTRA STUDENTS and SCHOOL-AGED ENSEMBLE STUDENTS report to their 10:00 rooms DESIGNATED BY THEIR MOST ADVANCED PLAY-DOWN PIECE (orchestra students grab their belongings from their previous room first)CADETS and STEPPING STONES arrive and report to their own unpacking/warm-up/tuning rooms. See schedule for assignment.

At 10:30, the Playdown “Gala” Concert begins. Teachers will have ushered students to their designated spots, including placing cellos and basses where they need to go. The cello/viola playdown will happen first, followed by the violin/bass playdown. Teachers will facilitate the transition between these two playdowns. Please keep in mind that students and parents should stay and watch the entirety of the concert, even if they are finished performing for the day. The concerts should be over by 12:00pm, which marks the end of the Saturday.

4) May 6th- Instrument Sizing, Electives/Parent Ensembles concert
The Saturday following the Spring Concert will feature performances from our Electives classes (Recording Technology and Fiddle) as well as from our Parent Ensembles. Performers will arrive at 9:00am for warm-up, and the concert will take place between 10:00-11:00am.

This day will also be used for instrument sizing between 9:00-10:00am; if your child is due for switching instruments, the instrument room will be open and several teachers will be there to facilitate this process.

That’s it- I want to thank everyone for their hard work this past year. It has been a wonderful experience serving as Assistant Director this year, and I have derived GREAT pleasure in interacting with and getting to know each and every one of the students and parents alike. I am looking forward to a lovely concert on Saturday to close out the season!

All the best,