Parent Resources

Student information

Starting at the beginning of the academic year, new and returning String Project students and their parents/guardians receive information about the program in the following ways:


Students and parents/guardians receive email about the following topics:

  • Instrument rental: The Instrument steward sends email to inform students/parents about how, when, and where to rent, exchange, or return instruments.
  • Payment: The Assistant Director and Office Manager send email about payment.
  • Weekly schedules and special events: The Assistant Director sends email each week with information about upcoming events, parking, and class schedules.

Printed information

Printed information is provided for the following purposes, including the following:

  • Convocation packet with several important items:
    • Musicianship class curriculum
      • Information about special String Project events:
      • Concerto Festival
      • Honors Recital
    • UT Parking permit information
      • Important contact information:
      • String Project email and phone contact information
      • Contact information for the related resources at the Butler School of Music
      • Instrument Sales and Rental contacts
      • Instrument Repair contacts
      • Instrument parts and sheet music contacts
      • Lost and found
    • Requests for assistance or donations supporting String Project activities
    • Reminder of School Orchestra requirement for 6th grade and older
    • Absence forms
    • Donor pledge form
  • Invoices for payment due, provided by the Office Manager or Assistant Director

Verbal instruction

Students and parents/guardians receive information about many items verbally, in addition to the email and printed information. Important information to expect verbally includes:

  • From the Director: Description of the packet provided at convocation
  • From private lesson teachers: Information about preparation for juries and recitals
  • From Ensembles/Orchestra/Musicianship faculty: Information about preparing for concerts and special events.