Promoting & Juries

The String Project holds juries at the end of each semester. Full-time students must play a jury each semester; Saturday-only students are only required to play juries in spring or when promoting. Students not attempting to promote to another ensemble should take a Regular jury, a chance for feedback and assesment from a panel of String Project teachers besides your own.

Moving from one ensemble to another within the String Project generally requires a promotional jury. If you and your teacher feel that you are ready to move to the next ensemble, download both the appropriate Promotional Guideline and your instrument’s Posture Checklist and sign up for a Promotional Jury. Have your teacher complete and sign both forms, then return them to the String Project Office prior to your jury.

Remember, you must have your teacher sign 1) a copy of the Promotional Guidelines for the orchestra or ensemble you are trying to promote into and 2) a copy of the posture checklist for you instrument. Students who have not turned in these signed forms will be allowed to perform, but will not be considered for promotion.

Promotional Guidelines and Permission Forms

Promotional Guidelines for violin, viola, cello, and bass ensembles and orchestras
Promotional Guidelines for guitar ensembles

Promotional Guidelines for MSC

Posture Guidelines

Posture and position checklists for Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin
Posture and position checklists for Guitars

A Promotional Jury will be assigned one of three results:

  • Promote: You have successfully demonstrated the requisite quality of playing, skills, and level for the new ensemble, and next semester you will join this group.
  • Promote Conditionally: You have demonstrated most of the requirements for the new ensemble, but one or a very few items need to be successfully performed. You will be allowed another chance to demonstrate these few skills at the make-up jury date prior to the new semester. Successful demonstration of these skills at that point will enable you to join the new group in the new semester.
  • Do Not Promote: Enough of the requisite skills, level, and quality of playing required for promotion need additional refinement that you should spend another semester in your current ensemble.

Needless to say, a Do Not Promote result can be disheartening. Please work carefully with your private teacher to ensure that you will be ready to pass a Promotional Jury with flying colors before signing up for one. The requirements for each ensemble are very clearly outlined in the documents above. If you are unsure as to whether you are ready for the next ensemble, take another semester to hone your skills.

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