Online Learning: Instructions

We are moving all String Project classes online due to the Corona virus outbreak.

We will be using Zoom as our online-learning platform; check weekly emails for schedule of classroom URLs.

Please click on the link below to read instructions for each of your classes.

Early Childhood Education Classes

  • Includes ECE and Stepping Stones.

Performing Ensembles

  • Includes T&R, Cadets, Pre-Ensembles, Beginner Ensembles, Jazz Ensemble, and Orchestras.

Guitar Ensembles

Experiences A Instructions

Experiences B Instructions

MSC Instructions

Other Helpful Links:

Schedule Overview for Saturday Classes

How to Improve Audio Quality on Zoom

Promotional Jury Sign-Up

Important Dates:

  • April 13: Last week of online private lessons
  • April 18: Studio Recitals (ECE and Stepping Stones regular classes)
  • April 20: Last week of Make-up lessons
  • April 25: “Virtual Orchestra” Playdown Concert; Promotional Juries (ECE and Stepping Stones regular classes)
  • April 27-30: Non-Promotional Juries (ALL students except Saturday-only and Cadets)
  • May 2: Promotional Juries; Parent Ensemble End of Year Wrap-Up

Tuning Your Instrument at Home

We recognize that tuning at home can be a struggle with string instruments. Parental guidance will be required for some, especially if tuning involves using the pegs instead of fine tuners (this is for very out of tune strings). Please remember that strings can break easily if you over-tighten using a peg.

We suggest using a Korg tuner/metronome combo (you can find this on Amazon), or the apps “Guitar and Violin Tuner” (free) and “Cleartune” (around $4.00). Here are some videos that can help you in this process: